XD Projects

Here is a shortlist of prototypes I have designed.

But first an important note.
When you click a project link, you will be taken to a “presentation view” of the prototype.

  • Use the left and right arrow to move through the presentation as not all projects are wired up for interactivity.
  • Tap your escape key to pop out of presentation mode for added functionality navigating the XD.
  • All XD’s are best viewed on desktop.

BDS – Affiliate Onboarding & Dashboard – March 2020
From onboarding to the dashboard.

BDS Journey Map – February 2020
Mapping the user journey.

Form Builder – December 2019
Next-generation module for building forms.

Billing Services – October 2019
Create and manage client invoices and quotes.

PTIN Onboarding – September 2019
From the landing page to website launch.

DigiPaaS Onboarding – August 2019
After purchase, onboard the website customer.

Perdido Beach Resort High Fidelity UI – April 2019
Customer website UI, desktop and mobile.

Perdido Beach Resort Style Elements – January 2019
Font and color selections with examples.

Deluxe Hosting Adot Rollout – September 2018
From the landing page to product selection.

Deluxe Email Marketing – September 2018
Marketing push for new customers.

Project Tracker – September 2018
A way for stakeholders to track projects at a glance.

Adot Service Selection – March 2018
Select a service card.

Account Suspended – March 2018
Force user to deal with their suspended account.

Adot Landing Page – August 2018
From the landing page to a product purchase.

Adot Onboarding – May 2018
From purchase to product set up.

Accessible Color Themes – November 2017
Color theme samples that pass accessibility contrast tests.