I am a Design Director. I design what people see on a website or web application and how they interact with it. But that’s only 1 part of what I do.

As a classically trained graphic designer that evolved through the ranks of development, production and marketing departments, I currently reside at the crossroads of a small website and web applications company. One side of this company is a web agency, while the other side builds the platform which the web agency uses. As the design director, I get to help the development team understand what the agency side needs in order to build better products. It also means I get to work with the web agency to understand how their customers are using, and hopefully enjoying, the products we sell.

I will be using this website to document my journey so that others in the design, development, UX and UI world, can see they are not alone. I will describe projects and talk about how the leadership team strategy is implemented, teams are built and application products are conceived, prototyped, tested and ultimately released into the wild.